Haleakala Hostel

Rua Doze (John Lennon), s/nº , Praia do Rosa, Praia do Rosa

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Haleakala Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Haleakala Hostel is a magical and natural place where you will feel in harmony in an atmosphere of pure air, a comfortable and relaxed place. The hostel offers a connection with nature, with people and good energy, a place of friends, to enjoy a relaxing holiday near the sea. Located 200mts from the

From Nights People


By plane: the airport Hercilio Luz, located 12 km from the center of Florianópolis and 92 Km of Praia do Rosa, receives domestic flights of the main cities of Brazil as well as of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario and Montevideo.
Companies that operate the route to Florianópolis: AerolíneasArgentinas, Gol, Tam, Lan, Azul.
From the airport, take a bus toward the bus-station and there take a bus of the company Paulo López toward Campo Duna (R$26 aprox). Once in the destination take another bus (R$4 aprox) toward the center of Praia do Rosa. Or contract our transfer service to pick you up.

By bus: The bus-station (Rodoviaria) Rita María of Florianópolis receives buses of several brazilian cities and of countries of the Mercosur (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile).
Companies travel: EGA, Flechabus, Mercobus, Feather, Catarinense, Eucatur, Sacred Anjo and TTL.
Those companies that come from the south allow you to lower in the “Trévo de Garopaba”. Once there cross the route toward the agency of Araçatuba where you will be able to take a bus (R$4 aprox) toward the center of Praia do Rosa.; or contract our transfer service.

By car: By the BR 101, until the round of Garopaba (Trébol de Garopaba), to 700 meters deviation to the right, in the gas station ALE (badge in front of the position); to continue rectum going by the bridge of the lagoon; to arrive at the Church and to deviate to the right in the badge. Continue for 3 km until the center of Praia do Rosa.

Main access highways:
- from Buenos Aires: R14 until Colon-Paysandú, R3 until Rivera-Santana do Livramento, BR 290 until I behave Cheerful, Estrada do Sea until Torres, BR 101 until Praia do Rosa.
- from São Paulo and Río de Janeiro: BR-116 / BR-376 / BR-101
- from Curitiba: BR-376/BR-101
- from Porto Alegre: BR-290.

Located near

The hostel is located in the Rua John Lennon w/n, near the Pico da Tribo night club. Thats is 200 meters from de center of Rosa, where there are main restaurants, stores, supermarkets and others night clubs, and 900 meters from beach.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

If you have to cancel your booking, you must do it at least 48hrs before arrival. Check in: 14:00 Check out: 12:00 -If your check in time change, please contact the property to arrange accordingly your arrival time. -When you book you can be charged 40% in advance in order to secure your booking, you may be contacted by the property requesting the CVV code of the credit card used for this booking or asked for a deposit. If you do not respond within a period of at least 24 hs or refuse to pass the information, the reservation will be cancelled. New Years and Carnival we need a payment of 100% of the total stay will be required to confirm the booking. -Reservations for under 15 must be previously authorized by the hostel. -There's a bar in the hostel so It's forbidden to entry alcoholic drinks from outside.